Replace Your Old Chuck

Check out our lathe chuck parts for sale in Houston, TX

The chuck is a vital part of your lathe. If it's showing signs of wear, you'll want to replace it sooner rather than later. Contact FDK3 Company in Houston, TX. Pratt Burnerd is an established line of precision high quality lathe chucks. Customers have bought them from FDK3 Company, Inc. for over 40 years and are very satisfied with the performance with the tight tolerances of the chucks.

Atlas Value Line Lathe chucks are an economical solutions for your needs. Reasonably-priced and high quality, they are a great value for the money.

3JAW & 4JAW independent chucks are available in both models from FDK3 Company, Inc. Lathe Chuck Jaws are also available.

If you need a new chuck to replace a lathe chuck part, call us!

Don't throw out your chuck just yet

Don't throw out your chuck just yet

Just because your chuck isn't working properly doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Arrange for lathe chuck repair services from our expert crew. We can have our contacts come out to your shop to take a look at it, diagnose the issue, and inform you of the parts that you need. You can also feel free to bring it by our shop for further assistance if you live in the Houston, TX area.

Call us now at 713-202-3551 to arrange for lathe chuck repair services.