Benefits of Harrison Lathes

Harrison LatheHarrison lathes have a reputation to uphold. They have been around for over a century, with over a hundred thousand of them in use around the world.

With Harrison lathes, you get a lathe that offers:

  • A fast performance
  • High-quality output
  • Incredible accuracy and precision
  • Longevity and reliability
  • A cost-effective solution

Why Choose FDK3 Company, Inc.?

So why should you choose us for your Harrison lathe parts and service needs? It comes down to three things:

  • A high level of experience
  • Top quality service and parts
  • Five-star customer satisfaction

At FDK3 Company, Inc., we take our job seriously – and our reputation for excellence proves it. Your business has a need and we have the solution. We have more than 40 years of experience in lathe repair and sales. We believe strongly in Harrison lathes and all they have to offer our customers – and, that is why we provide the sales, parts, and services necessary so that everyone has a chance to take advantage of them.

Having the right Harrison lathe parts means having a healthy, functioning lathe when you need it. You can opt for lathe parts from third party manufacturers, but you may not always feel confident that you are getting the best results. The one sure way to thoroughly maintain your machine is to choose OEM parts every time. And, that is what we have to offer those with Harrison lathes.

Whether you are in the Houston, TX area or area the country – FDK3 Company, Inc. are the professionals qualified to deliver the Harrison lathe parts you are seeking.

Want more?

Harrison lathes parts and service are all guaranteed when you work with us. No matter how big or small your operation is, we provide high quality experience and reliability to help you meet your demand.

At FDK3 Company, Inc. our Harrison lathes customers always feel confident in the finished product.

Few companies have the breath of parts and the scope of abilities to service legacy brands like Harrison Lathe. At FDK3 Company, Inc., we count ourselves among the best of the best, in Houston, TX and across the North American continent. Whether you need OEM lathe parts or a credible installer to service your machine, we’re the authority.

Let us fix your Harrison Lathe problems by providing you with quality new or used lathe parts. We treat your equipment and its troubles with integrity and attention to detail, to ensure you’re standing in front of a well-working machine in no time at all.

Harrison Lathe Parts

Looking to source Harrison Lathe parts from a reputable dealer? We have new and used gears, shafts, pinons, clutches and many other parts you need to fix your machine. Don’t settle for less. Get the best deals and fast delivery when you call us today. We won’t let you down.

Harrison Lathe Service

Don’t just buy your parts direct from FDK3 Company, Inc.—have us install and calibrate them! We make sure your investment in new or used lathe parts results in maximum ROI. Not only that, we make sure your equipment is in safe working condition, protected from defect or premature wear.

Harrison Lathe Manuals

We carry free service manuals for all Harrison Lathe machines. We put this critical information in your hands, so you can care-for, maintain and repair your equipment to a superior standard. We’re advocates for learning the machine inside and out, so you’re able to get the best out of your equipment for as long as you own it.

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